100th Anniversary

The year 2014 marked the Centennial Year of the Slovenian National Home Organization and was also the 90th anniversary of the hall. A grand celebration commemorating both milestones in our history occurred Saturday, August 16, 2014.


We celebrated with tours of the Slovenian Museum & Archives and the historic Diemer Mansion. The tours were followed by a cocktail hour and a dinner/dance banquet in the Main Ballroom. All events took place within the Slovenian National Home complex.


Slovenian National Home

6417 St. Clair Avenue,

Cleveland, Ohio 44103


Photos by Phil Hrvatin

www.clevelandslovenian.com &

The Slovenian American Times newspaper

Slovenian National Home - SNH Cleveland, Ohio 44103  6417 Saint Clair Ave

Slovenski Narodni Dom - SND Cleveland, Ohio 44103 6417 Saint Clair Ave

Friends of the Slovenian National Home - SNH Cleveland, Ohio 44103

East 65th Slovenian National Home - SNH