About Slovenian National Home



1903 - St. Clair area Slovenians begin collecting contributions to

           build their own “Home”

1904 - Knaus’ Hall is built and the idea of St. Clair Slovenians

           acquiring their own “Home” dies

4/22/1914 - Rally at Grdina Hall due to rekindled interest in

           building their own “Home”

           Need for a better facility for growing drama and social life

           Plan is formulated and steering committee formed for what

           is now” Slovenian National Home”

4/27/1914 - First steering committee meeting where they elect a

           total of 27 committee members

Till 7/28/1914 - 14 meetings held to prepare for convention

8/3/1914 - Convention held at Grdina Hall 6025 St. Clair Avenue

           42 associations represented – 105 delegates

           Decision to call the building “Slovenian National Home” &

           set share price at $10.00

8/17/1914 - Incorporation of “The Slovenian National Home”

3/15/1916 - Next meeting – board is elected

4/1916 - Formation of Zarja Singing Society as an all male chorus

9/1916-6/1017 - Bazaars and other events held to raise money to build their “Home”

12/1917 - Total of $18,000 collected to build their “Home”

3/31/1918 - Meeting to purchase Diemer  Mansion and property at 64th street to

           Addison for $45,000. Down payment of $15,000 made with the remaining

           $30,000 on a 20 year note with interest of 5%

6/1919 - Meeting to discuss plans for “Slovenian National Home”

1920 to 1950 - Dances Sat. & Sun. put on by lodges

1921 - 20 year Note of $30,000 paid in full

1/29/1922 - Decision to build as soon as $40,000 was collected

1923 - Accumulation of $62,000 and begin construction of neo-renaissance building

2/8/1923 - Pit dug for hall and first brick laid at 1:03 PM

4/15/1923 - Opening Ceremonies for the hall – bands – cornerstone laid

1924 - Store fronts build

           Maksim Gaspari creates a water color picture of “Mother Slovenia” at the

           request of Vatro Grill of the dramatic society “Ivan Cankar” to be reproduced as

           a stage curtain for the hall

3/1/1924 - Solemn dedication of building

3/1&2/1924 - Grand opening of hall

1928 - Zarja performs its 1st Slovenian opera (Turjaska Rozamunda)in the hall

1930  Club room opens, Political differences split Zarja

1930-1940 - Singing group known as Independent Zarja



1934 - Bar room (Kenik Room) and Bocce Courts built

9/9/1934 - First children’s concert under direction of Anton Schubel

12/20/1934 - By laws adopted for Club of Association of SND

4/1938 - Circle 2 (oldest active youth circle) founded as the idea of

           Lodge #5 of SNPJ

6/20/1940 - Independent Zarja holds first rehearsal as Glasbena Matica

9/8/1940 - Glasbena Matica first concert

1942 - Gaspari curtain created by Shirley Braithwaite, theater artist

1949 - Glasbena Matica performs grand opera until the death of

           Director, Anton Schubel 6/9/65

1950 - Korotan established

1955 - Music becomes the main activity of Circle 2 under the direction of

           Anton Schubel

1961 - Formation of Federation of SND and the first “Man of the Year” event

1962 - First Thanksgiving Day Dance (Held at hall until 1980)

5/1969 - 55th Anniversary of SND organization & 45th Anniversary of hall

1970 - Avsenik and Slak appear at SND

5/1974 - 60th Anniversary of SND organization & 50th Anniversary of hall

11/1983 - First Thanksgiving Eve Jam Session at SND

3/1985 - 70th Anniversary of SND organization & 60th Anniversary of hall

4/17/1985 - City ordinance designating SND as a Cleveland Landmark

1987 - Friends of Slovenian National Home organization formed

1988 - Lower hall renovated

1989 - Friends received its 501C3 status, Annex renovated

           New dishwasher installed as result of donation from “Friends”

1990 - Major roof renovation over main hall

1991 - Slovenia Independence

1992 - SND main hall and lobby refurbished, painted with new window treatment

           and chandeliers re-gilded

1993 - Gaspari Curtain restored at a cost of $25,062.00

           Security system and new air conditioning system  put in place

1994 - Barroom renamed “The Eddie Kenik Annex” for President Emeritus

           Eddie Kenik

1995  - New boiler installed, Rally held for political candidate Bob Dole

1998 - Storefront Renovation Program - revitalized SND façade with new marquee

           lobby of hall and restrooms renovated to be ADA compliant

1999 - Store front renovation project continues

2000 - Handicap lift installed

2004 - John Kerry political rally held

2005 - Parking lot renovation

2007 - Made deal with Sifco for parcels of land to add to the existing parking lot

2008 - Print of Gaspari water color given to Republic of Slovenia for exhibit at

           Slovenia Presidency of the European Union

2012  - Ladies rest room in Kenik Room renovated

2013  - First Kurentovanje held with plans to make it a yearly event

3/1/2014 - 90th Anniversary of the grand opening of the SND hall and the

           2nd annual Kurentovanje

8/17/2014 - 100th Anniversary of the incorporation of SND


Slovenian National Home - SNH Cleveland, Ohio 44103  6417 Saint Clair Ave

Slovenski Narodni Dom - SND Cleveland, Ohio 44103 6417 Saint Clair Ave

Friends of the Slovenian National Home - SNH Cleveland, Ohio 44103

East 65th Slovenian National Home - SNH