Friends of Slovenian National Home

Over 27 years ago the “Friends of Slovenian National Home, Inc.” was organized exclusively for the purpose of assisting the Slovenian National Home in its maintenance as a landmark cultural facility in the City of Cleveland. For ten years, this group was spearheaded by Jean Krizman along with fellow members Charles F. Ipavec, Stanley Frank, Edward Kenik, Ann and Sophie Opeka and volunteers, Don and Rose Slogar and Sylvia Plymesser. Through Jean’s tenacity and the tireless help of Charles Ipavec, Friends applied for and received an Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt status becoming a 501©3 organization. With the tax-exempt status, Friends was able to move forward with their fund-raising campaigns.


Jean led numerous major projects during her tenure. It all began with a new auditorium roof, commercial kitchen dishwasher, stage repairs, new stage curtains, improved sound and security systems and new air conditioners and boilers. One of the greatest accomplishments was the restoration of the Gaspari curtain in 1993. This took Damjan Kreze four months to complete along with the Mural of Slovenia that adorns the wall behind the bar in the “Eddie Kenik Room.”


Ellen Lunder took over the leadership from Jean and directed the fulfillment of Jean’s vision of new ADA restrooms for the main hall and the handicap lift enclosure. During Ellen’s eight-year tenure, projects she led included the installation of the fire alarm system, the Marquee over the main entrance on St. Clair Avenue and the stage front renovation.


Shelli Slapnik March became president of Friends in 2006. During her term, completions of the parking lot expansion project, the renovation of the restrooms in the Kenik Annex and the expansion of the kitchen storage area were undertaken.  Many major accomplishments over the years have been realized and we recognize and honor the visionaries that have made the Slovenian National Home a reality as the 100th anniversary was celebrated.


The Trustees of Friends of the Slovenian National Home and the Board of Directors of the Slovenian National Home are a committed and dedicated group of individuals who work together for the continued preservation of this great hall for future generations. Friends, as always, welcomes your membership and donations; all fundraising campaigns and events hosted by the Friends organization generates revenue that is used for the repair, renovation and maintenance of our historic facility.


We are grateful for your support, generosity and interest in being a part of this collection of people who so proudly embrace their Slovenian heritage.



In friendship,

 Shelli Slapnik March, President


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