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A distinguished group of Slovenians who had immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio and had a burning desire to create their own special meeting place, formed the Slovenian National Home Organization on August 17, 1914.


They knew that because of their numbers they needed a place that could accommodate all the educational, cultural and social needs of them and their families. They worked hard and sacrificed much to build the stately jewel that would become a Slovenian landmark for generations to come.


The year 2014 marked the 100th Anniversary of the organization of Slovenian National Home. This organization has contributed locally to the community in Northeast Ohio and has also reached across the USA and Europe, attracting Slovenes from around the world to hold their events in the magnificent hall that we call home.


Not only is the main hall the largest Slovenian Home in the USA, but also boasts of the Gaspari curtain – an unmatched piece of art reproduced from a 1924 painting by famed artist, Maksim Gaspari. The title of the curtain is Mother Slovenia which represents the focal point of our Slovenian culture. Prominent  Slovenes are pictured in this famous painting including poet France Preseren and writer

Ivan Cankar.


Thousands of Slovenes have had their celebrations in the Slovenian National Home complex – weddings, anniversaries, concerts, dances, socials, meetings and even Masses.


The Board of Directors, Friends Organization, and the 100th Anniversary Committee invite you to rekindle the spirit of those first immigrants. Share in the spirit of HEART – HOME – HERITAGE.


Cleveland Kurentovnaje 2018

February 5th - 10th, 2018

With dinners, museum exhibits, parties, a carnival parade,

and more there is something for everyone in this week of

cultural Mardi Gras fun!


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Fish Fries 2018

February 16th, 23rd

March 2nd, 16th, 23rd

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Slovenian National Home - SNH Cleveland, Ohio 44103  6417 Saint Clair Ave

Slovenski Narodni Dom - SND Cleveland, Ohio 44103 6417 Saint Clair Ave

Friends of the Slovenian National Home - SNH Cleveland, Ohio 44103

East 65th Slovenian National Home - SNH